Our Gym


The Fitness Factory is absolutely the best kept secret in all of Charlotte. Each piece in the Fitness Factory has been specifically hand selected to fit one clear motto, "GET RESULTS!". The Fitness Factory has been upfitted to provide individuals at all levels--be it an at-home mom, weekend warrior, open gymer, powerlifter, or NFL superstar--to assemble under one roof and achieve one goal...GET RESULTS! 

Hard to believe? Then check out this radically short list of just a few of the needs we fulfill:

Need serious cardio?

We have four step-mills and five rowers included in our bountiful cardio arsenal.

Need lower body work?

We have over 30 pieces of lower body machines, seven of which are leg presses or variations. We also have ten rubber and wood platforms, and ten dual power racks, for a total of 20 power racks for powerlifting and olympic lifting. We love leg days around here!

Need some MMA?

We have a heavybag, body bag, speed bag, sway bag and timed rounds clock.

Need mobility?

We have ten foam rollers or variations, bands for distraction, and other devices.

Have so many needs you can't catagorize it?

We've got you covered, For instance, we also provide four different sets of dumbbells, over 45 barbells and variations of ab straps and rollers, o-rings, log presses, six benches, safety squat bars, five sets of plyo boxes, climbing rope, turf field, two prowlers, two sleds, two sets of farmer's walks, four chalk buckets, over 20 slam and wall balls, 24 one hundred pound plates, chains, bands, boxes, blocks, 20 kettlebells and so, so much more!!!  

Gym experts and athletes from all over the world have visited our facility and they all leave us with two similar comments: one, they've never seen a gym so abundantly well equipped and, secondly, they wished this was their home gym! However, by far, the best secret we conceal isn't our equipment or our facility. IT'S OUR MEMBERS!!! The culture and atmosphere inside our facility is inviting and motivating for everyone. People here are quick to encourage and always supportive of each other.

Imagine--- a 24 hour gym with all the tools you'll ever need and an environment that is brimming over with positive people. Well, it does exist and it's called The Fitness Factory. Join us. Now is your time to...GET RESULTS!