The Fitness Factory offers a variety of membership options that make fitness affordable for everyone.

We offer two options, Standard Gym and Open Gym. Our Standard Gym option is packed with every machine and tool imaginable and our Open Gym option gives you even more access to tools and space to take your workout to the next level. We also know how important speed, agility, and mobility are to athletes, so everything from the equipment to the WODs gives you a well-rounded program to help you perform at your best.

Please call us at 704.371.4660 if you have any questions.

Single Membership $100 Down $59 EFT* $99 OGA*
Family Membership $100 Down $99 EFT* $175 OGA*
*EFT: Electronic Fund Transfer
*OGA: Open Gym Area



Annual $599 $999
Bi-Annual $399 $650
Quarterly $299 $450 + $50 FOB (key chain FOB)
Monthly $75 $125 + $50 FOB (key chain FOB)
Daily Pass $20 $10 with Member