The Fitness Factory Trainers

Below is a list of some of our expert Trainers. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about any of our Trainers.


Eileen is NASM certified. She trained under Pat Etcheberry out of Saddlebrook in Tampa, FL. Eileen has competed and placed in powerlifting as well as strongman events. She loves to stay active and when she is not in the gym, she is out enjoying tennis or cycling. Before opening her own business, Eileen coached youth basketball for six years. Her passion to teach kids has always been high on her list. Eileen has been a personal trainer for the past ten years and inspires people everyday. She has worked with James Anderson (#50 on the Panthers) and hopes to work more with athletes of all ages.


Allen attended Butler High School and graduated in 2008. Allen has an extensive background in baseball, martial arts, strength training for power lifting, and numerous sports. He takes pride in teaching anyone and everyone willing to learn, and brings the ability to change and critique a workout plan to fit an individual’s needs. Through his experience in power lifting, he has achieved Elite level status in recognized federations around the country. Allen had the competitive spirit required to push and motivate teams and players to the best of their ability, and in return they obtain the knowledge and experience needed to become the best they can be.


Adam recently relocated to Mooresville, NC in December 2015 after having spent the previous 4 years Denver, CO with his wife, Ly, and our two dogs, Rocky and Apollo. While in Colorado, he was a Personal trainer for Prestige Fitness, a Sports Performance coach for SporXcel, and a personal trainer and Personal Training Manager for Colorado Athletic Club. Before moving to Colorado, he attended James Madison University in Virginia where he received his Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science in 2006 and his Masters Degrees in Exercise Physiology in 2010. Shortly after that he became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. During this time in Virginia he also worked at Golds Gym as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, and at James Madison as a professor for a general kinesiology class, and completed internships in strength and conditioning at James Madison and in cardiac rehab at Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore, MD.


Michael's Powerlifting accomplishments include being a 2 time USAPL North Carolina State Powerlifting Champion. He is a multiple USAPL NC State record holder.

Michael is a 2 time IBP North Carolina State Powerlifting Champion. He is a 2 time IBP North Carolina State Bench Press and Push Pull Champion. He is a multiple IBP NC State and National record holder.

Michael achieved BP Elite Lifter status with a Powerlifting total of 1940 pounds in the RAW 275 pound class. He is also one of only four lifters in Iron Boy Powerlifting history to achieve Elite Lifter Status.

Michael is a 100% RAW North Carolina State Powerlifting Champion and 4 time RAW World Bench Press Champion. He owns many 100% Raw NC State and World records.